Inferno ★★★★½

And I'm finally region free! I've accidentally bought a few Region B movies over the years so I had a little stack waiting. And naturally I'm starting with my Arrow Video version of Inferno! This blu ray has teased me over the years as I was never able to watch it and almost bought a region A version so many dang times. Usually I would resort to streaming to get my Inferno fix but not anymore jerks! Inferno is all mine along with cheesecake and wine! Let's dine!

Inferno is like a really good B side song that was left out of the songs that made it on the Suspira album. Slightly less powerful but still absolutely stunning in it's own ways. Hell I sometimes prefer some B side songs over songs on the actual albums. And parts of Inferno definitely rival some of the best qualities of Suspira. The florescent blasts of purples and reds, the jarring violence and gore, majestic set designs and quirky characters are all the highlights here. Had Goblin been involved and upped the music quality this would be right up there with Suspira. Emerson still had a couple of solid moments but certain scenes were lacking that proggy punch I crave oh so much.

Forever love that ending. Engulfed grim reaper for daze.

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