Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★★

Creepy, mesmerizing and heavy with atmosphere Messiah of Evi is a beautifully surreal trip through terror. Visually striking it puts you in a trance through every vivid detail and suspensful ambience. The pristine coastal setting, desolate streets and empty stores provide a great setting for this dread filled slow burner. And that movie theatre scene hooeyyy!

This is just oozing with style and intrigue. The lavish decor, swanky fashion and 70s onslaught were killer. I wanted to jump through the screen and hangout in the background of every scene. Well until the shit hits the fan then I would peace the fruck outta dere.

I wish I had a top secret hangout at the top of a lighthouse so I could sneak away and watch this on my tiny lighthouse TV with the sounds of waves crashing all around me. One day...

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