Slugs ★★★★

Wow what a trip. That was some next level insanity right there. I really thought I had seen this before but I think I got it mixed up with something else. Slugs is very unique in its own absurd ways. Let me try to make sense of what I just watched...

I've seen a lot of so bad they're good films but this one is a real gem. This whole movie just seems out of sync as so many random things happen. The acting is beyond bad and seems dubbed at times, the dialogue makes no sense, there's scenes where the music doesn't fit at all (the overly dramatic music everytime someone is driving is amazing), the movie looks like it's from 1978 not 1988, and ordinary little slugs somehow inflict insane amounts of damage.

The things that stood out were the dramatic death scenes, gore and SFX. For a low budget film the SFX really deliver. People get eaten, torn up and mashed up in an array of gooey and globby sequences. Mushy bloody bodies pile up all over the darned place! And the over the top and relentless manner in which they die provides some amazing entertainment.

I gotta buy a copy so I can watch this every freakin second.


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