Spookies ★★★★

"Happy birthday Billyyyyyyyyy ahhhh ha ha ha haaaa"

Some truly amazing cinema we have here folks. This was my 2nd viewing and due to a hazy first viewing I hardly remembered anything about it. Although the plot is very loose and almost non existent (something about a haunted house, a weird old guy and his bride) this film has it all.

Even though the direction lacks, the special effects and monster designs really make up for it. There's a monkey monster that's dressed like Aladdin and mauls a kid before burying him alive. There's an Evil Dead type demon. There's farting mummies, lizard gremlins and zombies. There's a sea creature type thing that electrocutes someone's face into mush. A cool zombie granny thing that shoots lasers, what else... a badass grim reaper, a woman who transforms into a cool spider monster and much much more.

If none of that interests you we cannot be friends. And I feel sorry for you. And I feel happy for me for watching this.

Would love to see a Blu Ray release of this.

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