The Runestone ★★★

90s horror involving an ancient evil rock, a vicious monster and a mysterious clock maker. And pleated pants all the time.

A researcher has discovered an ancient rock known to make people evil while also summoning a deadly monster from another dimension. Another one of those highly imaginative 90s horror plots! It's up to the police, clock maker guy and researchers to stop the evil from spreading through the city!

The monster design was pretty cool and the whole film reminded me of one long Tales from the Crypt episode. The run time seemed a little long and it made the film drag at times. The dramatic score made the film seem more epic than it really was but that's all part of the fun. It's not a very gory film and kind of felt like a made for TV movie at times.

Nothing spectacular here but still fun to see the monster terrorize people and soak in those nostalgic 90s feels.

Brainless weekend viewing.