The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

This was pretty solid! For a sequel to the Strangers I was pretty surprised how much I enjoyed it. I remember seeing the first Strangers film in theatres and there was a pretty big hype back then. Over the years I can't say it held up as well but this was a great way to introduce a new vision.

The 80s nostalgia is still in full swing in cinema but this is an example of it done right. Subtle and minimal while not drenching every aspect of the movie in it. The songs, Carpenter esque score, cinematography and camera work all came together to elevate the film while not being overbearing or forced.

The movie was suspensful and maintained the creepy vibes from the first film. This one went more in the slasher direction than home invasion and the empty trailer park was a great setting. It also kept the same mean spirited vibes as the first film and gets pretty dark and gory at times. I also found the characters to be fairly likeable which is usually something that makes or breaks a modern horror film for me. Well acted and believable every actor did a great job.

I might rate this higher after another viewing.

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