Tourist Trap ★★★½

A wonderfully creepy and quirky slasher oddity that ranks near the top of the "disturbing mannequins" sub genre of horror. I hadn't seen this in 5+ years so it was due for a rewatch.

This film has one of my favorite opening scenes. A man stops at a gas station where he discovers a desolate run down shop filled with mannequins. Before we know it shit hits the fan and the mannequins spring to life and start bouncing around while creepily laughing. Random items begin to fly around and it turns into an outrageous and wacky scene. This is a perfect way to set the pace for all the chaotic hijinks to follow.

A group of travellers run into car trouble and have to hold up at a run down little store owned by a seemingly charming old fellow. But it is not all that it seems... As the characters get tormented and stalked by a scary mannequin looking killer we are taken for a ride through terror and absurdity. Why do the mannequins at the store look so humanlike? What kind of horrible experiments are being done in the barren and isolated little corner of nowhere?

There are some great performances and twists along the way. The desolate setting adds to the isolation and dread while the dark tones highlight the gritty elements of the film. This film may have borrowed some ideas from Texas Chainsaw massacre or house of wax but still captures a lot of originality. Fun stuff!

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