Warlock: The Armageddon ★★★½

Warlock 2 warlocked me. Straight up. An epic and theatrical display of 90s horror that's ripe for the pluckin. Yep he flies in this one too. I was worried he wouldn't. The director of Hellrasier 3 was the perfect fit for this job because the SFX are some truly insane Clive Barker-esque creations that will haunt your dreams.

Interestingly dramatic camera work, lots of eccentric characters, some Star Wars-esque mythology and enough cheese to make endless nachos. This one does the job. Lots of esque.

Warlock drives a Dukes of Hazzard car while trying to be conspicuous. We can see you dude. Poor choice of getaway car... also runs over a poor rabbit on the desert highway and says something like "welcome to the desert" what a jerk!

Lots of 90s actors, crazy carnival scene, lots of gore, an epic Dad, gem stones, holy Warlock it's Warlock 2.

Thank you Bob.

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