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  • Christmas Evil
  • Blood Beat
  • Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special
  • Silent Night, Deadly Night
  • The Shining

Wintery Wonderland of Wacky Town

47 films

My go to winter/Christmas watches. All of em are fun, go away sun! Feeling bold? Dive into the cold! Eat…

  • Spookies
  • Mausoleum
  • Blood Beat
  • Nightbeast
  • Nightmare Weekend

Vinegar Syndrome collection ranked!

67 films

Happy Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday Sale!!!

By far my favourite company and a company that caters to my weird taste…

  • Blood Lake
  • Jack-O
  • Tammy and the T-Rex
  • Ryan's Babe
  • Dial Code Santa Claus

2019 Favourite First Time Viewings!

57 films

It's the listiest event of the year you know it must be belials list of 2019 favourite first time viewings!…

  • Xtro
  • Blood Rage
  • Video Violence
  • Phantasm
  • TerrorVision

Favorite Horror Films!!!

50 films

Narrowed down to 50. Not ordered. Will change from time to time.

  • Scary Movie
  • Hack-O-Lantern
  • Trick or Treat
  • Jack-O
  • Night of the Demons 2

🔪😨🎃👻🏚October 2019🎃😨👻🏚🔪

57 films

Octobers coming friends! Get ready! Get set! Get those movie lists ready! This year I'll be focusing on my usual…

  • Mausoleum
  • Zombie 3
  • Anguish
  • The Alien Factor
  • Hack-O-Lantern

2018 Favourite first time viewings!

46 films

The weird, the wild and trash spectacles that warmed my heart this year. These gems deserve repeated viewings till the…

  • Death Spa
  • Uninvited
  • The American Scream
  • Don't Panic
  • Demonwarp

1988: an Underrated Year for Horror!!

30 films

The more wacky and wild horror films I watch the more I realize they all have something in common. Most…

  • Ghosthouse
  • Spookies
  • Neon Maniacs
  • Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
  • The Pit

belial's Hidden Treasures!!!

50 films

My list of 50 underrated horror films! Some are more well known than others but most of these aren't talked…

  • Demon Wind
  • Blood Beat
  • Dead of Night
  • Retribution
  • Boardinghouse

2017 Favourite first time viewings!

34 films

My top films that I watched for the first time in 2017! If you haven't seen any of these films…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  • Phantasm
  • Trick or Treat
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
  • Suspiria

🎃2017 Horror Marathon!!! 🎃

67 films

Horror films watched between September 15th and October 31st!

This was my first year on Letterboxd and I've had a…