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  • Catch-22


    April 2017 Scavenger Hunt

    12. A movie from the genre you watch the least

    1/30 Movies Watched

    "That’s some Catch, that Catch-22!"

    I'm not sure why my lit professor chose to show us the movie while we were reading the book - it led to a very confusing reading and viewing. And Catch-22 is already a confusing story, told completely out of order and chock-full of paradoxes. Not to mention that there a lot of characters to keep track of.…

  • Big Little Lies

    Big Little Lies


    It's so fucking good!!

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    March 2017 Scavenger Hunt Task #7: A film you feel you need to re-watch (for whatever reason that may be!)

    Bob: I don't want to leave.
    Charlotte: So don't. Stay here with me. We'll start a jazz band.

    So I re-watched this for my screenwriting class. I remembered nearly every beat of the story - except that Bob cheats on his wife and that he and Charlotte kiss at the end. That last bit was completely wiped from my memory.…

  • Carol



    March 2017 Scavenger Hunt Task #30: A film from Matt Minton's list - A List of My Favorites: Movies I Love to the Moon and Back

    How did I go so long without watching Carol? Everyone I follow on this site and my favorite critics have been raving about it for ages. I put it off because I was worried that I would be disappointed. I mean I've never heard a single negative thing about this movie. Ever. That's a…