tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★

Well performed, and really well directed! Not a single weak link among the actors. Robin de Jesús was particularly great. A worse actor and some of those lines would’ve made me turn off the movie but his delivery was so real and grounded, he made it work. And while I wish there was more dancing (as I always do with these modern musicals) I liked the direction a lot! Lin-Manuel Miranda did an excellent job creatively staging the numbers, a really strong first film from him.

Ultimately though, it suffers from the same problems Rent does, in that the central conflict is a person trying to live and make art without compromising which feels revolutionary and oh-so-important when you’re young (and/or just a bit immature) and gets less and less compelling as you grow up (and/or need to support yourself or even *gasp* support your family and loved ones). Art isn’t anymore pure (nor is it any better) when someone got their lights turned off because they quit their day job while making it, but the whole of Larson’s body of work wants us to believe that it is. For some people, that hits! It’s why Rent was my favorite musical when I was 15. But as you grow and realize there’s so many ways to build a meaningful life that aren’t Suffering for Art, the whole thesis becomes less compelling.

Also of course Jonathan Larson was an Aquarius this is the most Aquarius behavior.

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