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This review may contain spoilers.

The Director’s Cut 

Goddamn this movie is brilliant. I seriously can’t get over how well directed this is, Ari Aster is coming out of the gate with some of the best horror ever made. Not only is he writing and directing the hell out of these movies, but he’s getting some of the best performances I’ve ever seen in the horror genre. Florence Pugh gives an Oscar level performance that I’m sure will be snubbed just like Toni Collette. When she screams I can feel her pain, it’s that type of acting where your in awe watching it. 

There are a couple added scenes that help flesh out the fall of Dani and Christian’s relationship. Specifically the conversation they have after the lake scene. I’m surprised Ari was okay with cutting that interaction from the theatrical cut, but I guess you have to if you cut the ritual itself. This is definitely the definitive version of the film and the one I’ll be rewatching countless times.

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