Tenet ★★★★★

Don’t try to understand it... feel it.

This is what cinema is all about.
Nolan is back firing on all cylinders and he absolutely blew me away with Tenet.
The cinematography is of course excellent, he really knows how to make every shot feel massive in scope. Chris deserves endless praise for doing everything in front of the camera with practical effects. I love the score and how adrenaline inducing it feels. Every time the loud music would come crashing in it would get my heart racing.

JDW was so great as the protagonist, he must of had a ball playing the role cause his character was the definition of cool. Robert Pattinson can do no wrong in my eyes and I thought he was awesome as Neil. I loved how confusing this felt while at the same time making perfect sense the more I think about it. This is a movie I’m gonna rewatch A LOT. Thank you for the experience Nolan.

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