Moon ★★★★★

Utterly blown away by this film. I'd heard countless good things about it but was unprepared for how much I would love it.

Everything just works and it is astounding to think that such an original and assured film is Jones's directorial debut. Rockwell gives an incredible performance as Sam Bell given as how he had the added pressure of being more or less the sole human character in the film. Rockwell's isolation from his family and general human contact is further highlighted by his sole companion GERTY, his computer PA if you will, voiced brilliantly by Kevin Spacey. Few actors have a voice as instantly recognisable as Spacey's, who manages to voice GERTY in a manner that seems both emotionally detached yet worryingly sinister. A special mention must also go to the brilliant score by Clint Mansell that gave a haunting and clinical edge to every scene.

It's difficult to talk about the film in any kind of general manner without giving away valuable parts of the story. I knew absolutely nothing about it going into it and I think that is how it is best enjoyed. Suffice to say it is a tremendous film. An absolute triumph of vision and originality by Duncan Jones and a film that stays with you long after the credits roll.