Persona ★★★★★

The first time I watched Persona I posted a quote from the film as my review to distract from the fact that I had no idea what I just saw. After a second viewing, I decided to read some reviews and was comforted to see everyone have some variation of: "Wow. I have no words. Haunting and beautiful. Bergman is a genius." I have to say I am so glad nobody pretends to know the answers to the questions Persona poses.
Roger Ebert's review is the closest thing to an explanation I can find anywhere on the internet. I really find the ambiguous nature of the film amazing. Images are thrown at us in a beautiful, poetic way and the dialogue is restricted to one character for most of the film. And we are left with unanswered questions. Persona is one-of-a-kind. I have some ideas about the film now, much more than I did in my first viewing and I'll try to develop those more on a third watch to write a decent review because this is a film I would like to have concrete thoughts on. In conclusion, my love for Bergman continues to grow.

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