The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★

An entertaining although unnecessary remake. I watched the original Danish film last year and it is one of the most tight, slick and well made thrillers I’ve seen. I think you’ll enjoy this version more if you haven’t seen the original. If you have, you might be slightly disappointed.

This one follows almost all the same beats. There are a couple of new elements but they don’t make a huge difference to the story, especially the addition of the fire - they could have made way more use of that. Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible as always, it might be worth the watch just for his performance. One thing that struck me about the original was how realistic it felt in tone and style - in comparison this version is very ‘Hollywood’ and less gritty, which takes away a bit of the tension and impact the original had. 

A decent flick, but in terms of remakes, just go watch the original.

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