Us ★★★★

Wow. I enjoyed this a lot. Not as good as Get Out, but still a really solid film. The premise is super intriguing and original, Jordan Peele has definitely made horror his own genre. 

There are some super creepy and intense scenes, really well shot and acted. And can I just say LUPITA. She kills it in her dual role, fierce and powerful as Adelaide, and creepy and unsettling as doppelgänger Red. She owned the role, this movie is HERS. Best Actress Oscar 2020 please. The score is also brilliant and haunting. 

I did enjoy the twists - I’ll admit I was a little confused and hesitant about the ending, and had to do some reading up to clarify a few things, but damn this was good. There’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

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