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  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You

    A warm, inspiring and completely original story about a boy who loves boobs but can't talk to girls.

    It's almost as if Shinkai remade his last movie SCENE FOR SCENE with more product placement, but he wouldn't dare, would he?

    EDIT (Jan 29 2020): Please stop liking this review. I can't get it off of my profile and now everyone thinks I watch anime.

  • Inception



    Christopher Nolan is a genius.

    Christopher Nolan is a genius, not because his films are unbelievably fucking mind-blowing, but because he influences his audience into believing that his films are unbelievably fucking mind-blowing. In this day and age of short attention spans and bland, studio-produced action movies, Nolan prevails as the victor and shrouds his films in a cloak of conceptually thin substance.

    I compare my Nolan experience to a dine-out in a fancy fusion restaurant where the main, special…