Midsommar ★★★★★

FINALLY!!!!!! easily my most anticipated film of this year and i was so afraid it would let me down but holy shit. i felt as if i was in a dream the whole movie, it was so... i still haven’t ordered my thoughts.
from the very first scene to the ritual one, we are not watching the midsommar: we are experiencing it, being part of it. and it’s fucking brilliant. each shot is captivating, hypnotic and disturbing. there are not cheap tricks or unexpected scares; only the feeling of the inevitable.
we see a hopeless dani that tries to deal with her pain by avoiding her trauma, crying always when she’s alone, hidden, in order to not feel as a burden; but falling into a depression as a consequence. but in THAT scene, where she broke down and cried after watching her boyfriend having sex with that other girl in that kind of sex ritual, the rest of the women not only are there for her and try to give her consolation, but they all share the pain she’s feeling, making her feel protected and home. for the first time we see her let off steam, screaming so loud while crying, and she finally feels free. 
dani ends up not only being the only one that survived of her group of friends, but also as the only survival of pain. she finally found home in hårga, she found a place where she belonged, where she can express her feelings and feels what is like to have a family again; being this the reason why she proposed christian as the last sacrifice of the ceremony, as a way of letting go her old life and close a cycle to finally start a new one. and holy shit, that last scene worked so good. we can see dani smiling while watching him burn, and it’s not because of love or hate; but because she’s finally happy and relieved that she has a home where she’s understood.
it really blew my mind, a masterpiece shot in broad daylight, but showing the darkness that resides within each of us. it’s a reflection on the treatment of pain and individuality in a society that doesn’t fix problems, but paints about them.
midsommar is an experience. uncomfortable, sometimes excessive, in which gives way without regard to stark violence that will force more than one to look away from the screen. sometimes it will be incomprehensible, especially if we’re expecting the things we’re accustomed to see in this genre. but accepting aster’s rules, play the perverse game that midsommar offers and get yourself into a special, free, beautiful and terrible film, like a summer afternoon that becomes a destructive storm without a warning. i honestly have this as my favourite film of this year, ari aster you’re a fucking genius.

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