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  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    “you’re a fucking ugly bitch. i want to stab you to death, then play around with your blood.”

  • Joker



    “the whole city is on fire because of what you did”
    “i know, isn’t it beautiful?”

    joker is not a typical superhero or action film; this is a deep, dark and disturbing character study. it's a film about people, suffering, mental health, the treatment of mentally ill people in society, gun control, class warfare, and of course it sends a clear political message. we see a depressing man, who suffers different mental illnesses, that gets lost in an uncaring system;…

  • Her



    “sometimes i think i’ve felt everything i’m ever gonna feel and from here on out i’m not going to feel anything new... just lesser versions of what i’ve already felt.”

    yup it’s still beautiful and yup my heart is broken again! thank you!!

  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy


    better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime”

    there’s not a single wasted scene or minute in this film and it went by so fast, that’s just how good it is ! scorsese and de niro wish u both were immortal

  • Shoplifters



    “sometimes it’s better to choose your own family."

    this felt like a warm hug that turned up to be a punch in the stomach. my heart 🥺

  • Rabbits



    so the weather......

  • Midsommar



    FINALLY!!!!!! easily my most anticipated film of this year and i was so afraid it would let me down but holy shit. i felt as if i was in a dream the whole movie, it was so... i still haven’t ordered my thoughts.
    from the very first scene to the ritual one, we are not watching the midsommar: we are experiencing it, being part of it. and it’s fucking brilliant. each shot is captivating, hypnotic and disturbing. there are not…

  • The Goldfinch

    The Goldfinch


    i haven’t seen this but please ansel stop crying

  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl


    “what colour are her eyes man
    no they’re blue”

    and THAT’S cinema!

    ps i.. blame holly for this

  • Mommy



    watched this for the first time back in 2015 when i got it on dvd and didn’t know shit about who xavier dolan was. when i say it was a life-changing experience, i fucking mean it. easily my favorite film since then, i honestly never dared to make a rewatch and now i finally did cause it was the film of the week in my film club. it feels like the first time, man. i remembered everything as if i…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two



    it’s not the best movie but i still really enjoyed it and connected w the characters a lot. i love the losers so much, this is literally one of my favorites king’s books. his cameo tho! he’s the true King. honestly i became a bill hader stan first human second after this (as i should), and i’m still a whore for james and jessica, nothing new. also XAVIER baby!!! the first 10 minutes were so fucking hard to watch i felt like running out of air,, but anyways. the losers club will  have a place in my heart forever

    r+e. be proud.

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    film club #5 chosen by: me 🤪

    “time doesn’t matter when you’re in love.”

    i loved this so fucking much wow. the cinematography is absolutely stunning from the start to the end, the back&white aesthetic really worked!! the actings are great also i loved the chemistry between the two leads. joanna is such a beautiful woman and her voice is breathtaking.