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  • Welcome to Chechnya

    Welcome to Chechnya


    Horrifying, obviously. David France takes a story that was widely and extensively reported on but has since faded from view for many and makes us feel why this isn’t something we can take our eyes off. Important as a document of the human rights abuses happening against LGBTQ+ people in Russia right now, but also equally rigorous in showing us the arduous, dangerous work of the activists helping people escape from persecution. My one concern is the use of some…

  • Onward



    Hard to think of another Pixar film where so little thought it put into the world its characters inhabit. Like, this is set in a modern day fantasy land and I swear there are maybe three character types? The design of the entire thing just feels barely thought through. This being Pixar, it knows how to extract a tear but this is maybe the first time where I’ve really felt the strings being pulled. Lacklustre voice work too, and you…

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  • Us



    That final act really is such a bummer, because everything that comes before it is a total blast. Just as fun to watch at home, too, the humour perhaps landing even harder. Each performance, and the relationship between the characters, feels especially lived-in (I’d love to see a film where Lupita and Moss go head-to-head; they have great chemistry as not-really friends who’ve been forced to spend a lot of time together). But that really does sort of spoil a lot of what came before for me.

  • Emma.



    Still much too fussy in the early going, as if Autumn de Wilde doesn’t trust that Jane Austen is funny enough without adding a lot of business with harried servants, the actors all turning it up a notch too high. Once it settles down, though, this is a lot of fun. Johnny Flynn still best in show, and if anything I liked him even more on a rewatch.