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  • Stir Crazy

    Stir Crazy


    I'm not sure I've ever really been that much in love with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor's brand of 'zany' comedy and this certainly isn't the best of them.

    That's not to say it doesn't have its moments - because it does - or that they're not talented performers - because they are - it's just that, as a whole, I found it to be quite wearing.

    Is it worth watching? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I watch it again? Probably.

  • Closeness



    Very powerful debut film from the young Kantemir Balagov, shedding light on a people, place and time I really know nothing about. Darya Zhovner is fabulous in the main role and the 1.33:1 cinematography is stunning. The compositions and colour (both in lighting and in production design) add so much to the story. The only misstep is the use of real footage of executions of Chechen’s which adds little to the story that isn’t already there and is just sickening to watch. Still Balagov is one to look out for.

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  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise


    I found the first half of this film almost impenetrable. Godard's philosophising about Marxist-Leninist ideology and revolutionary tactics is incredibly dense and you really have to pay attention to keep up with what's going on. If you're anything like me then I'm sure a lot of it will sail over your head.

    But then I realised that is EXACTLY the point that he's trying to make. Essentially the film depicts a summer in the life of 5 student friends who…

  • Legend



    Towering performance from Tom Hardy (well from both Tom Hardy's) and solid support from a host of British faces. Emily a Browning was underused but dealt well with the, at times pretty hokey, script.

    Great design (in all areas) and lovely work from Dick Pope (as you'd expect) but I wasn't entirely sure how to feel about the tone of the film.

    On the one hand you have to represent the charisma of the two brothers - charming, funny etc…