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  • Olla



    Great short film from Ariane Labed that explores female desire, sexuality and freedom. The titular Olla has been brought to France (from the Ukraine) to be a ‘partner’ to Pierre and to care for his mother. 

    She is learning French but from the beginning there is confusion between them and this tension between what the characters desire and what they get runs throughout the film. 

    For example - Olla (who Pierre renames ‘Lola‘ because he wants to hide the fact…

  • Animal Crackers

    Animal Crackers


    I think this might be one of my first Marx brothers experiences. It’s madcap, zany, full of double entendres, one liners, sight gags, pratfalls - all the things you expect when you think of the Marx brothers... but is it any good?

    What struck me was actually how messy it is in its construction. It’s not a ‘film’ per se as much as a filmed stage performance - the characters tend to stand around a lot and ‘declare’ (particularly in…

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  • La Chinoise

    La Chinoise


    I found the first half of this film almost impenetrable. Godard's philosophising about Marxist-Leninist ideology and revolutionary tactics is incredibly dense and you really have to pay attention to keep up with what's going on. If you're anything like me then I'm sure a lot of it will sail over your head.

    But then I realised that is EXACTLY the point that he's trying to make. Essentially the film depicts a summer in the life of 5 student friends who…

  • Our Little Sister

    Our Little Sister


    Shockingly this is my first Kore-eda film and I’m sold. Such a beautiful, tender, loving portrait of four women. The drama is internal - three women who ‘adopt’ their half sister - struggling to come to terms with their place in the world and their relationships to each other and to their parents. 

    To say any more would be to spoil it but I can’t recommend it highly enough.