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you will most likely see me love the worst of films

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  • My Neighbors the Yamadas

    My Neighbors the Yamadas


    some mid life crises may consist of spending an abundance on a porsche or getting surgery to try and recover a receding hairline

    however Mr Yamada is simply chilling out in his rubber ring playing games on his computer and having a humble side job of being the moonlight rider, try and beat that 😎

  • Aloha



    im glad that the RGLICU (Ryan Gosling love interest cinematic universe) started and ended with this film

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  • Dylan Speaks 1965

    Dylan Speaks 1965


    fact vs Philosophy in its cardinal form

    Dylan proved in this 51 minute introspection of being a man of virtue and honesty,

    "how do you see yourself selling out"

    "womans garments"

    and miraculously 40+ years later hes in a weirdly ambiguous and slightly creepy Victoria Secret ad!

    for some reason!

    imagine not showing up to recieve the noble prize but accepting to sign a vinyl for chumlee from Pawn Stars

    thats a different level of gangsta

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    the heat is as swelling as the implications and tribulations of war.

    Apocalypse Now is a potent chronicle that depicts the decadance of warfare and the testing of our fragile humilitys in the face of conflict.

    acquiesce is not an option, patriotism is the only stipulated catalyst to continue on. no merit or remit can rationalise the motivations of the soldiers engorged in the vessel of vietnam as their sanitys are all perpetuated and reconciled into a constant state of…