BlacKkKlansman โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ

David Duke: Wind chime?

Ron Stallworth: [continuing] ... detective is Ron Stallworth, you racist, peckerwood, redneck, inch worm, needle-dick motherf**ker!

[Ron hangs up, leaving Duke bewildered]

holy ๐Ÿฆ†, what did I just watch.

spike lee has managed to make not just a straight up dark satire against white supremacists, instead hes masterfully curated and adapted an honorary true story of a black man of whom infiltrated the prolific and infamous Ku Klux Klan, all in the name for the greater good and restore an equilibrium of balanced prosperity to in that era, an extremely racist America, especially within the rebuked southern states.

Lee, through the duration of the film, doesn't form an obnoxious prejudice against the clans men casted in this film or diminish their unruly and disturbing prophecies, instead allowing the viewer to in turn reprimand their idiocracy and straight up stupidity. the portrayal of the clan is also haunting and really is liberatingly surreal that such people with ill-reforming morals and ethos still exist within the modern era, even receiving discreet jeering on by the president who I shall not name to not fuel his ego, however small the possibility him seeing this review is, within the epilogue.

John David Washington and Adam Driver while may be alluded to as two juxtaposing figures, both fight the same cause and have an apparent great on screen chemistry, that helps contribute to this films harrowing authenticity.

I applaud this film for being made and is an animosity driven masterpiece that will forever provoke my insight to prejudiced culture and how we, the human race, despite being all a conglomerate of skin and bone are our own chronic parasites on this earth.

I do believe that it is in our due diligence to challenge anyone who expresses such denouncing and dated ideologies and philosophies with extreme rebuke in order to catalyse adopting a 21st century equilibrium and a equal free world for us all.

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