Cruella ★★★★

this happened to my gyaldem, erica

heres my pitch for the sequel:

we jump forwards in time by 40-50 years, modern day, cruella is basically the same age

(we have to perpetuate the use of emma stone for my main enjoyment of this first iteration into what is going to be a large franchise)

we see her go to war in soho with the new wave of indie fashion, defeating it effortlessly, (because its emma stone) before she gets accosted down the wrong london street and discovers the fashion reality of east london teens.

she laments the stone island mandem who then shank her for being a not leng skeng and leave her for dead and the final scene is that she comes back and gets revenge in a successful grime freestyle rap battle in a kebab shop between cruella and stormzy.

if she can sing in LA, she can rap in Southwark

big big nicholas britell score as well!

ngl i kinda really loved it, the emma stone stan temperament in me really permeates my love for emma stone movies that probably are mid lmao

cgi was so cliche live action disney tho

most importantly, i actually enjoyed this more than joker tbh

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