Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

the city lights sumptuously simmer on the horizon while a enigmatic woman is being driven into the hysteria of a dream.

mulholland drive can only be described as one thing, something truly bedazzling.
Lynch conceives one of the most meticulous and kinetic chronicles that his career has been building momentum towards in the guise of what is such a subliminal film that doesn't focus on bringing a tangible equilibrium to the viewer by the time the credits begin to roll.

The two main characters, depicted by Naomi Watts and laura harring are ethereal precedents of the hollywood stereotype, Watts character Betty Elms represents the gentrification of Hollywood virtue as well as a satirising perspective of the lusting for the hollywood dream.
This is juxtaposed by her resentful reality in Selwyn that shows the detriments of fame and a the harsh reality of dreaming too big.

laura harrings character takes on an amnesiac from the shady underworld of LA who has not recollection of her prior self and tries to base her demeanor on increments of what she can remember, a tenuous but substantial reference to the notion we feel when we struggle to contextualise our own dreams whilst also trying to recollect them, whilst also appealing herself to Watts character. In the juxtaposition we find her to be more antithetical and much more personified in who she inherently is under her guise.

its kind of hard to comprehend the true magic that permeates from a film like mulholland drive, its a melodrama that can tug on your heart strings whilst all the while simultaneously conjuring a feeling of ample horror. Each frame, each motif and each motivation behind everything in this film feels fully relished and realised from the lens of Lynch who while never has a tenacity towards leniency for viewer comprehension, deservedly delivers such a lucrative world with cardinal performances, especially Therouxs adam kesher, coalesced with many surrealistic metaphors that really stimulate a strange feeling of happiness in the fantastic nuances of this film.

while mulholland drive is something so melancholic behind the decadance and a phenomenal labyrinth of a film, you can't help but feel so exuberant that such an experience like this exists

i cant help but think that david lynch films are like a circus, he is the ringleader and we're just all the clowns trying to deduce what the fuck weve just watched

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