The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

William: Did ye make some unholy bond with that goat?

the witch is a cerebral and nonchalant meditation of what is so appealing about contemporary nuanced horror.

with a mundane production, holistically merited on an incarcerated New England farm, each character instigates an unappeased manifestation of detriment, glorified to profuse extent, yet callous resentment feeds on the families swelling humility.

a beckoning adversary of futile reconciliation, the ambiguous and elusive character of the witch, while being a perpetual of tangible and intangible, represents the tepremental deliberation of a scarce amount of empathy and tenderness within a family of that period, impulsive that tenuous stigma of religion fathoms ambivalence of sanity and demoralizing repercussions beyond faith. almost satirical in its quintessence to the motivations of that time.

this definitely holds acute fidelity to the subtle potency that the lighthouse shares and I love it!

Anya Taylor Joy is great in this and Ralph Fiennes has such a cathartic tone to his voice which makes it all the more formidable.

the lighthouse rewatch is definitely pending from this!!!

Robert Eggers transcends unorthodox Hollywood ong

the cinematography was sublime, like each frame was so gratifying

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