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  • Bronson



    β€œYou don't want to be trapped inside with me sunshine. Inside, I'm somebody nobody wants to f**k with do you understand?”

    There are many different words and phrases that I could use to describe this film. Brutal, intense, artistic, stylish, creative, powerful, unique, a kick in the face, insane, horrifying, I could go on and on for ages. But, I think there’s only one word that truly sums this film up and that word is: original. After you’ve seen this…

  • Northern Soul

    Northern Soul


    β€œListen, you! This is Northern Soul, not Northern Arsehole!”

    This is a great little flick, I enjoyed it quite a fair bit. It’s not perfect, but I don’t think it was supposed to be either. It’s just a purely entertaining film that you can just sit back and watch without needing to think much about it. I’m massively into the Northern Soul music scene, I have been for years, and this film, if anything, just strengthened my love for it.…

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  • What Would Sophia Loren Do?

    What Would Sophia Loren Do?


    β€œNo one gets everything they want in life. No one does. But we all get enough to feel that our lives are important.”

    If I could sum up this documentary in a few words, I’d go with adorable and heartwarming. What a lovely film.Β I kind of wish this film was a tiny bit longer but at the same time, it’s pretty damn good already as it is.

    To put it simply, it is just a wonderful, short documentary about a…

  • The Kings of Summer

    The Kings of Summer


    β€œDo you know we've been walking for half a mile? I can tell by how much we've bonded.”

    That was a very enjoyable and unique film, I really did like it a hell of a lot. It’s quite a funny film, that surprised me. I don’t even know what I’d class this film in terms of an actual genre though to be totally honest. It feels more like a comedy than a drama but I’d never say it’s a full…