Isle of Dogs ★★★★

This is a nearly perfect film. Every scene is unique to Wes Anderson and I love how he is moving into animation and I would encourage him to do more, please.

However, there are issues in this film that are related to setting, language and culture that at times make this an uncomfortable watch. I knew about the cast going in so I was not bothered by whitewashing I was perhaps disappointed more than anything that a clever filmmaker fell short of cultural sensitivity. You could make the argument that because there is a Japanese person on the writing credits it excuses the treatment of language. Similarly, the dogs and humans don't understand each other, of course, they don't but the need to translate and overdub Japanese voices with English ones.

There are jokes related to Haiku, and though I lack the expertise to point out areas of cultural othering, I can see how it has been interpreted as such.

Never the less it is a new favourite film of mine, thanks to the quirky stop-motion style, clever timing of the visual gags and the odd story, even if it is a bit problematic