Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★½

I'm strongly in favour of these films being gruesomely violent, but the violence is more impactful when it's in service of something. The gritty, nauseating violence of the Rob Zombie Halloweens feels mournful and painful and real; very much in keeping with the tone of the films. The titular 'kills' in this film are equally as grisly but they feel separate from the rest of the film, almost as if they were created to be seen on their own in a YouTube kill-count compilation months after release. The violence here is extreme to the point of parody; Michael's strength, brutality, and sheer unkillability in this film are laughable. Absolutely no tension or dread to speak of, just grotesque, absurd cruelty.

This could work well in a different, lighter type of Halloween film but unfortunately Halloween Kills has some portentous Important Things to Say. This truly awful 'mob mentality' section (which bafflingly reduces the screentime of both Michael and Laurie Strode) is a huge mistake, a total bore that grinds any momentum the film had to a halt. Could've done something interesting with the painful legacy of horror Michael Myers has brought to Haddonfield and its citizens but this just doesn't work. Can't wait for more Relevant Themes in the upcoming Halloween Ends which apparently deals with the pandemic. Sounds fun!

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