Tenet ★★★

That’s right, I risked my life and the lives of those I love to see Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending, time-bending, cinema-saving masterpiece Tenant. Yes, I waddled 45 long minutes along busy Bloor Street to the apocalyptically deserted Cineplex Varsity theatre to experience Nolan’s latest puzzle box thrill ride, Tenant on 70mm celluloid and I was not disappointed! Indeed, Nolan has redefined and reinvigorated cinema yet again with Tenant, a balls to the wall spy thriller that’s like James Bond... at an ayahuasca ceremony! Without a doubt, Tenant has arrived and announced itself as an unmissable, epoch-defining film that must be seen in theatres at all costs. As Christopher Nolan himself said, to miss Tenant in theatres is to commit a heinous crime of omission! Run backwards to cinemas now and catch Tenant on the big screen or die a painful, protracted death!

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