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  • The Rules of the Game
  • Chinatown
  • Heat
  • Don't Look Now

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  • Manila in the Claws of Light


  • Journey to the Shore


  • Forty Guns


  • Cleaner


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  • Detective vs. Sleuths

    Detective vs. Sleuths


    I think this movie broke my brain. It's like someone put all of the elements of every rainy-city serial killer/cop melodrama ever made into a blender, cranked the blender to the highest setting, then left the blender on forever. Better than The Batman.

  • All Light, Everywhere

    All Light, Everywhere


    Writer/director/editor Theo Anthony's film is packed with visual razzle-dazzle and deep research historical connections but feels shallow and circumscribed in it's analysis of systems of surveillance and perception bias. It's like Errol Morris and Adam Curtis got together, ate a pot brownie or two, and collaborated on a docu-essay remake of Antonioni's Blow-Up. The excellent score is by Dan Deacon.

Popular reviews

  • Mandy



    Not so much screaming-over-the-top bizarre as fully invested in the stoner-metal mythology that inspires it imagery, and willing to follow that mythology all the way to Valhalla. Which is maybe the same thing? Anyways, I really enjoyed it. Nicholas Cage chews the psychedelic scenery as perhaps no other actor could, and for once a movie is there to meet him and share the kool-aid. Recommended!

  • White Star

    White Star


    A woozily punchdrunk rock'n'roll Sweet Smell of Success, set in early 1980s Berlin.

    Dennis Hopper plays a seedy producer who makes increasingly nonsensical, often seemingly unnecessary, moves to force his indifferent ingenue, a floppy-haired new wave dandy, to prominence in a scene dominated by surly punk rockers and corporate muzak purveyors.

    While the locations and styles of the film in retrospect look pretty awesome, the real reason to see the movie is for Hopper's monstrous central performance. Acting through a…