• The Scooby-Doo Project

    The Scooby-Doo Project

    'shaggy would just wave his hand, like this, and he would ask them, "death or disease?". they wouldn't always answer him, but it was always one or the other.'

    hooptober 8.0

  • Demons



    hyper-violent, disillusioned ronin tale by toshio matsumoto. a fairly notable departure from 'funeral parade of roses', executed rather well (pun very much intended). lighting and camera in particular are stellar, playing with the darkness and shadows of black and white, translating the sets into the eerie stage of human corruption.

    hooptober 8.0
    decade #8: 1970s

  • Red Spirit Lake

    Red Spirit Lake

    watched on a vhs rip, framed by some wonderful trailers for other 'something weird' titles. would love to dig deeper into the SOV rabbithole - what a fascinating shitshow.

    the film itself is complete trash, of course. good fun.

    hooptober 8.0
    film from your birth year #2

  • Daimajin


    they should not have pissed off the big angry statue

    hooptober 8.0
    kaiju film; decade #7: 1960s

  • The Baby of Mâcon

    The Baby of Mâcon


    extraordinary, genuinely horrifying work. greenaway does not take any prisoners in this one. a masterclass in direction, set design and storytelling alike. it is premised on the disorientating game of a meta-cinematic, meta-theatrical play-within-a-play. this convergence of expression creates a truly unique viewing experience - and by the time you think you're safe, it brutally pulls the rug out from under you.

    also, ralph fiennes' balls are in this.

    hooptober 8.0
    film from your birth year #1

  • Lunacy



    quite a bit of fun from švankmajer, with a healthy amount of silliness and moral confusion. the stop-motion shenanigans don't always add to the experience, but they are delightful as usual nonetheless.

    hooptober 8.0
    country #6: czechia

  • Sadomania


    if this is your first time seeing boobies on screen, you will lose your mind. otherwise, not so much.

    hooptober 8.0
    country #5: spain; film from 1981 #4

  • Penda's Fen

    Penda's Fen


    i appreciate that this is basically a coming out story packaged in british folklore. however, the inevitable tv look and passionately unrealistic dialogue kept me in a constant state of anticipating john cleese to pop up in a bikini and announce the next sketch.

    hooptober 8.0
    folk horror #2

  • The Shout

    The Shout


    the elder scrolls: north devon

    hooptober 8.0
    folk horror #1

  • Pig-Chicken Suicide

    Pig-Chicken Suicide


    far from matsui's later masterpiece of 'noise requiem' and unfortunately littered with on-screen animal death, this is nonetheless a uniquely experimental, grotesque atrocity exhibition. plenty of freaky stuff.

    hooptober 8.0
    films from 1981 #3

  • Black Devil Doll from Hell

    Black Devil Doll from Hell


    a must-see.

    brilliant, fascinating outsider art that looks like a cursed 80s home porno.
    nightmarish homemade casio soundtrack loops, footage that was shot on a toaster, and an evil doll that fucks you! practically nothing happens in the film, and it's still spookier than most horrors!

    will seek this out on vhs as i wait for an inevitable criterion release.

    hooptober 8.0
    film with a person of colour as director #3

  • Nuns That Bite

    Nuns That Bite

    girlboss nunsploitation slasher pinku with some good ideas and very poor performances. nothing too wild, but certainly watchable!

    hooptober 8.0
    asian horror film #3