Ambush ★★★½

Why can’t ads be like this anymore?

Cool and stylish and expensive and 6 minutes long. John Frankenheimer’s first installation of BMW’s online marketing series is the opening to some good action film. The plot is quickly established, characters are done even quicker. A film this small also has to build its world quickly, so the alluring neo-noir world is efficiently built. 

Nothing about this short is particularly stand out, but it feels more like a good stand alone scene from a bigger movie. The type of scene you see on YouTube and think, “Yeah, that was a cool scene. I want to rewatch that.” Clive Owen is cool and slick, and Tomas Milian plays a good passanger in the car. The movie is fairly expensive looking for a commercial, with some good camera work and some cool stunts. It’s just a fun shot of diesel action. It’s better than the entirety of the Gone in 60 Seconds Remake.