Æon Flux ★★★★★

Substantive Heavy Metal. What adult animation should strive to be, this 12 minute pilot is nothing short of a masterpiece. Time to watch the series.

EDIT: I finished Season 2 and loved it. Stopped after the first episode of Season 3 once they started talking. Why add narration to the third when the first two are so purposely esoteric in their blink-and-you-miss-it editing? Ruins any sort of intrigue I had of this world when it’s just told to me. First two seasons so effortlessly blend their influences of “Japanimation” era anime, 90’s Marvel cartoons, and avante garde shorts - I’d highly recommend if you’re into experimental animation. I’ll finish this eventually, but because of the length of season 3 I’d rather watch something else right now. Anyway, check out the first two seasons! it combined is only about 40 minutes.