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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    what an amazing double feature. vinterberg and mikkelsen are clearly a duo to be reckoned with. more than a decade later, they teamed up to create another dynamic masterpiece, a little more lighthearted but still very authentic and grounded in realism. this is a film that shouldn’t work but absolutely does. it’s a bit of a slow burn but it’s fascinating, exploring the allure and dangers of alcohol, with nuance and sophistication, without glorifying it or outright condemning it, striking…

  • Hereditary



    this is literally my favorite movie and one of the best horror films ive ever seen, it’s a masterpiece, nearly flawless in every way, in terms of both narrative and style, it creates such a dreadful and terrifying atmosphere while remaining grounded in what is a deeply emotional and personal story of grief, loss, and family trauma, even the title hints at the film’s emotional core, its exploration of family ties, motherhood, adolescence, and everything in between, for me, the…

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  • After the Wedding

    After the Wedding


    really weird but good

    this movie gave me everything 
    - mads mikkelsen shirtless
    - mads mikkelsen smoking 
    - mads mikkelsen smoking shirtless
    - mads mikkelsen dancing to “it’s raining men”
    - mads mikkelsen in a baseball cap
    - close ups of mads mikkelsen's eyes, hands, and lips

    what more could i ask for from an excellent danish drama?

  • Tom Merritt

    Tom Merritt

    if your wife wants to have an affair with mads mikkelsen i think you should let her