Halloween ★★★★

to finish off an amazing spooky week and what is maybe not the worst halloween ever (global pandemic and all) i finally watched john carpenters halloween and it was every bit as iconic as i expected!! halloween is my favorite holiday so to celebrate during these weird times i decided to watch a triple feature of some classics, culminating in the ultimate halloween film!! this was brilliant, i loved the color palette and the filmmaking, it created a very tense and sinister atmosphere, i thought michael myers made for a very intimidating villain, his heavy breathing made me uncomfortable and the mask was super creepy, i loved the soundtrack and the main theme, very cool very iconic, but most of all i loved scream queen jamie lee curtis, her character was so perfect, i connected so much to her, and she really gave this part her all, delivering a timeless performance, she’s the blueprint, the best final girl <3

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