Hereditary ★★★★★

this is literally my favorite movie and one of the best horror films ive ever seen, it’s a masterpiece, nearly flawless in every way, in terms of both narrative and style, it creates such a dreadful and terrifying atmosphere while remaining grounded in what is a deeply emotional and personal story of grief, loss, and family trauma, even the title hints at the film’s emotional core, its exploration of family ties, motherhood, adolescence, and everything in between, for me, the surface narrative is engaging and effective, keeping me invested in the story and attached to the characters for the full 127 minute runtime

this is a story filled with tragedy and pain, and a deep sense of hopelessness, elaborately orchestrated and carefully planned, you get the sense that everything that happens to these characters was fate, destiny, all according to the plans of ellen leigh, which of course makes it all the more sinister but deeply haunting, some of the scenes really struck me, especially thanks to the actors superb performances, particularly toni collette, but there’s so many moments filled with so much pain and agony that you can’t help but empathize with these characters and all they’re going through, and i simply adore the characters, who feel so well developed, fully fleshed out, real, human, they are compelling and complex, dynamic beings with agency, exhibiting vices and virtues, and of course you can’t talk about the characters without taking about the acting, which was phenomenal across the board, this time around i really connected with toni collette’s monologues feeling the emotional weight behind her every word, observing the inherent pain and tragedy of motherhood, a hard hitting and very personal theme, and i also noticed alex wolff’s nuanced performance, subtle yet brilliant, really capturing the essence of his character and portraying his emotions in a very realistic way, every actor in this movie does such a fantastic job of bringing it to life

hereditary is very impressive, having all the hallmarks of great writing, the entire film is, it’s like a masterclass in everything from storytelling, scriptwriting, characterization, filmmaking, i literally just love everything about this movie and could give it endless praise, this is a movie that only gets better on a rewatch, that greatly rewards the observant viewers, it is a meticulously crafted and beautifully constructed work of art, flawless from a technical standpoint, with a fitting color palette that sets the dreadful tone and sinister atmosphere, beautiful compositions and haunting visuals, brutal special effects, effective dream (nightmare?) sequences, striking cinematography, seamless editing, fluid camera movements and inventive, clever shots (my absolute favorite being the one of the  coffin being lowered into the ground) this movie has such a careful attention to detail, it fills every frame with something of beauty and significance, wasting no prop, no shot, no scene, no line of dialogue; not minute or second of this entire film is wasted, everything matters. it’s hard not to feel taken aback by the level of care, attention, and detail that clearly went into this film.

hereditary is emotionally harrowing yet deeply beautiful, haunting yet so so human, there’s such a profound sense of emotional depth and pain and tragedy deep within this film, it’s rich in meaning and well executed on every level, so much can be said about it, it does everything a horror movie should and more, there’s such a depth and complexity , an inherent tragedy and pain behind it, a deep emotional core, with such haunting, visceral moments it almost feels like a punch to the chest that leaves you breathless 

ari aster is a genius, hereditary represents everything i love about the cinema, this is such a deeply personal film, one of my favorites of all time, one of the best horror movies ive ever seen, it just means a lot to me, it’s probably one of the first films i fell in love with that finally made me think of cinema as an art form, it taught me to see horror, not as some lowbrow form of mindless entertainment full of gratuitous violence and nothing to say, but for all its potential and in all its glory, something which is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres. i know this was very long and drawn out but i could honestly say much more, i know it’s probably cheesy but i just really love this movie and all it means to me. 

final thoughts: toni collette oscar when

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