Benedict Seal

Commercial strategy at Universal Pictures.

Favorite films

  • All That Jazz
  • The Thin Red Line
  • Watchmen
  • The Godfather

Recent activity

  • Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off


  • A Pistol for Ringo


  • Ennio: The Maestro


  • Children of the Corn


Recent reviews

  • The Scary of Sixty-First

    The Scary of Sixty-First


    Maybe the most East London screening I've ever been to

  • A Serious Man

    A Serious Man


    Well crafted and interesting, but boring. I used to have this experience quite a bit - mostly in my film school years - where I would admire films for their craft and ideas, but absolutely not gel with the emotion of the movie. And this is absolutely one of those cases. It looks great, Stuhlbarg is a treasure, the Kafka-esque tone is effective... But I don't care in the slightest about the characters. It's maybe the Coens being too arch and cynical/nihilistic/cold for my current tastes. Who knows?

Popular reviews

  • Macbeth



    This Shakespeare guy’s pretty good, isn’t he?

    From performing it for my year six play (ambitious, I know . . .) to studying it during secondary school, The Bard’s Play has long been a favourite of mine. In whatever form, I’ve always found an inextinguishable might to Shakespeare’s tragedy. So, to see it perfected up on the big screen is a treat, to say the least.

    This adaptation is a prestige picture in every department. Markus Stemler’s chilling sound design…

  • Prometheus



    A rare piece of thought-provoking blockbuster sci-fi. Flawed, but deeply challenging and utterly gorgeous to look at!