Satantango ★★★★★

“you’ll see. We’ll have a great life! A great life!”

Hey, if your intimidated by this film, just know that there are only around 150 different shots within the whole 7 hour and 19 minutes of it lmaoo. However, the pacing was perfect and I never felt bored... (despite sitting in the same position for the past like 8 hours lmao)

I know it’s been said a million times about Tarr but the directing genuinely felt hypnotising. The first 3 hours felt like a ‘film’ (like you’re just watching) but the last 4 hours or so, it’s like you’re there (ik that might sound weird lmao). 

And also this is my first Béla Tarr film and I thought it would be suitable to throw myself right into the deep end, and that was a good decision from me, I think. But I’m actually really gassed to check out more of Béla Tarr now because of some of his other film match this? I could genuinely see him become a new favourite director of mine, his directing style somewhat matches Tarkovsky and I could see me like Tarr more than Tarkovsky yano! 

But yeah, if you have 8 hours spare and you have an interest in this film, I definitely recommend this as it’s probably going in my top 10 straight away! I’m just blown away!


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