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  • Rebecca



    Mrs. Danvers is the best character in all of cinema’s rich history y/y

  • The Tale

    The Tale


    With THE TALE, documentarian Jennifer Fox adapted her own life experience into a narrative feature - one that's based on an actual story she wrote in middle school. She wrote the essay as a ‘love story’, but when her writing resurfaced as an adult she gradually came to the realization that she had been manipulated into an unspeakably abusive situation. Fox cleverly employs some documentary filmmaking tools, interrogating her characters (including her younger self) as though they were interview subjects,…

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  • Need for Speed

    Need for Speed


    Shocked and A. Pauled.

  • The Post

    The Post


    Spielberg: This frame is all wrong.

    Janusz Kaminski: Don't worry Steven. We'll fix it in post.

    Spielberg: This *is* The Post, Janusz. That's the name of the film. So fix it.

    Kaminski: No, I mean we can fix it in post production --

    Spielberg: Post production? That's right now. This is the production of The Post. We've been here for weeks now.

    Kaminski: I mean the editor can fix it.

    Spielberg: Tom Hanks? Tom Hanks is portraying Ben Bradlee, editor-in-chief of the Post.

    Kaminski: ....

    Spielberg: Hanks is here to act, Janusz. He's not an editor.

    Kaminski: Who's on first

    Spielberg: Fuck off