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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Vulture's Emily Yoshida describes GOOD TIME as a movie about "destructive love". I'm compelled by these kinds of stories, where love between two people isn't reduced to a warm fuzzy feeling, but is instead treated as the powerful, damaging force that it sometimes can be. Of course, it's not so cut and dry with Connie (a greasy Robert Pattinson), who is determined to bail his mentally challenged brother out of prison with every fibre of his being. But as things…

  • Modern Romance

    Modern Romance



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  • Need for Speed

    Need for Speed


    Shocked and A. Pauled.

  • A Balloon For Ben

    A Balloon For Ben

    Hey Ben,

    I'm Ben.

    Hope you're enjoying your balloon.

    I was on Cineplex screens for over a year before you came along. You know how many magical balloons I got during my time there? None.