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  • The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Showman


    I have spent a few days trying to wrap my head around GR8EST SHOWMAN and have succumbed to the fact that it's impossible. I cannot make any sense of this movie. It is unrelenting in its sincerity - so bright and hopeful and heartfelt that 1.) I can't believe it has struck such a chord with American audiences in 2018 to become the box office sensation that it is 2.) it *almost* works despite itself - there's something sick and…

  • Winchester


    Watched this like a month ago and forgot.

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  • Need for Speed

    Need for Speed


    Shocked and A. Pauled.

  • The Post

    The Post


    Spielberg: This frame is all wrong.

    Janusz Kaminski: Don't worry Steven. We'll fix it in post.

    Spielberg: This *is* The Post, Janusz. That's the name of the film. So fix it.

    Kaminski: No, I mean we can fix it in post production --

    Spielberg: Post production? That's right now. This is the production of The Post. We've been here for weeks now.

    Kaminski: I mean the editor can fix it.

    Spielberg: Tom Hanks? Tom Hanks is portraying Ben Bradlee, editor-in-chief of the Post.

    Kaminski: ....

    Spielberg: Hanks is here to act, Janusz. He's not an editor.

    Kaminski: Who's on first

    Spielberg: Fuck off