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  • Peeping Tom

    Peeping Tom


    Monsters create monsters

    A man looks to take pictures and record the fear someone shows before they die. He has a cool tripod blade too. I guess he is recognized as a proto slasher. It was pretty good. Great music. The remaster looked great.

  • Onibaba



    Wow, what a surprise. Onibaba is a visually striking wonder of a movie from Japan. Black and white never looked so gorgeous. The reed fields looked incredible and the devil costume was highlighted beautifully.

    I say this evertime but I am always surprised at how beautiful black and white movies are. Just incredible

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  • To Your Last Death

    To Your Last Death


    An animated horror movie with animation in the style of Archer. A woman must survive a trip to her families office as friends and workers try to kill her. It was kind of funny and I thought it looked good.
    We need more animated horror so check this out.

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Jeff Goldblum plays a scientist on the verge of a breakthrough when he accidentally has his DNA mixed with a fly, hilarity ensues.

    Goldblum is great. Davis is good too. The gore and special effects are fantastic. It's a gross and fun watch. Recommended.

    Watched as part of the Daily Horror Hunt #15 (September 2019)

    (17) Keeping it mainstream. Watch any film from the Holy C Trinity of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, or Wes Craven that you haven't watched…