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Living the dream, eating ice cream, favorite movie is Scream (really it’s Nightmare on Elm Street but needed to rhyme)

Favorite films

  • Evil Dead II
  • The Girl Next Door
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Jerry Maguire

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  • Fall


  • Corporate Animals


  • Piranhaconda


  • Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong


Recent reviews

  • Fall



    Two friends climb a giant cell tower (twice the size of the Eifel Tower) and find that climbing down will be a lot harder than climbing up. 

    Pretty basic story, not really the biggest fan of how it ended. The whole time I was thinking out plans of how I'd get down. Still the high images were teen and some had my stomach queesy. I don't play those kind of heights.

  • Corporate Animals

    Corporate Animals


    Coworkers go on a company team building exercise in a cave syterm that gets caved in. The team slowly turns on each other as the days go on. 

    Kind of funny. Nice ensemble of people I've generally liked in other shows/movies. Demi Moore still has that screen presence. Wonder why she doesn't get more work? It gets kind of loopy. But again, more comedy than horror and it's more of the I chuckled a couple of times kind of humor.



Popular reviews

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Wow, who knew Fear Street would be in the running for my favorite movie of the year. I loved it. 

    First off, Soundtrack …. I need the soundtrack. All my favorite 90s songs 

    2nd, this felt very much like those post Scream slashers of the late 90s. Except with teens that actually look like teens. 

    Add GORE and some holy shit moments. 

    CANNOT WAIT until next week for the next chapter.

    I’m 90% certain right now I’d buy the whole trilogy in physical media if/when it’s released. 

    Also this was Theater worthy 100%

    Oh AND it was a Halloween Holiday Movie! 🎃

  • Prey




    Wow seriously might be my second favorite Predator movie and right up there with the first. Cinematography was amazing. The characters felt right. The predator looked badass. The dog didn’t die!

    Too bad this didn’t go to theaters. I can definitely see myself going to see this ion the big screen multiple times