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  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    *There are some spoilers for the film later down in the review*

    There are a few key films that changed the landscape of American cinema in my opinion. The first being Arthur Penn’s classic “Bonnie and Clyde”, the second; John Schlesinger’s “Midnight Cowboy” and finally Dennis Hopper’s “Easy Rider”. Sure, there were a few more notable films from the late 60’s that ushered in the Hollywood auteur era such-as: “The Wild Bunch”, “The Graduate” and “In the Heat of the…

  • Screamers



    If we lived in a perfect world “Screamers” would be getting the re-evaluation and renaissance that “Event Horizon” is currently receiving. Sadly, this film still remains under-seen and underrated which is a shame because I regard this film as one of the best sci-fi horror films of the 90’s.

    Adapted from Philip K. Dicks novella “Second Variety”, “Screamers” stars the ever reliable Peter Weller as Joe Hendricksson, a commander for the Alliance on a distant planet that’s mining valuable minerals.…

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  • Leprechaun 3

    Leprechaun 3


    These "Leprechaun" films are freaking brilliant!! How is it possible that they keep getting better? Warwick Davis's murderous limericks are an absolute delight!

  • Money Train

    Money Train


    "Money Train" sees Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson re-team after their earlier successful partnership in "White Men Can't Jump". This time they're foster brothers and work together as subway cops, dealing with petty crime and thieves. Things between the brothers become complicated when they both fall for the newest member of their team Officer Santiago played by Jennifer Lopez.

    "Money Train" is an incredibly muddled film, the narrative jumps about from whatever plot point it finds interesting in any given…

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  • 1922



    "1922" is a slow, methodical look at guilt and the consequences of moral compromise. Adapted from Stephen King’s novella "1922" is a film that will divide certain audiences. After a summer of successful, suspenseful King adaptations (IT, Gerald’s Game) this acts almost as an anti-king film. It’s a film that basks in its atmosphere, it's also a film that's solely focused on its characters rather than plot. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James a dedicated ranch owner who conspires with…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    John Carpenter’s The Thing: A Masterpiece in Tension.

    * I’ve previously reviewed this film a while back, it was one of the first things I’d ever written so naturally I’ve covered most of what I wanted to say in that review. However I wanted to update my thoughts, and I’ll leave my old review in the comment section if anyone's interested.

    John Carpenter’s "The Thing" is one of my favourite films of all time. It’s a film that I regularly…