Blair Witch ★★★

Blair Witch is a surprisingly effective re-imagining/sequel to the 1999 cultural phenomenon The Blair Witch Project. Directed by Adam Wingard his notorious visual style isn't quite as prevalent in this film, at-least until the third act when the plot kicks in. For the most part, Blair Witch follows the same structure of its predecessor. Which means large sections of the film are literally treading the same ground, the first hour of the film was incredibly dull.

Thankfully the film becomes more engaging when James (James Allen McCune) and Lisa (Callie Hernandez) reach the witches house, whilst in search for James's sister who went missing 20 years earlier. Both actors do a fantastic job, especially Callie Hernandez who carries a-lot of fear and emotion in the final act on her shoulders. They're also accompanied by a couple of friends that aren't even remotely developed, and are essentially there for canon fodder.

Over-all the film feels like a wasted opportunity. Large sections of the film were lifeless, I didn't need to see people walking in the woods for an hour doing very little again. However when the final act comes, it does a fantastic job of being atmospheric and genuinely scary. However it was too little too late.

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