The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ★★★

Between being a lazy s.o.b and not wanting to clog up everyone's feed with "Twilight" reviews I'm going to sum up my thoughts on each film in this entry. Also this will contain a couple of spoilers.

"Twilight" - Had some clunky dialogue, iffy CGI, leads that felt uncomfortable in each others presence. However, the overall tone of the movie and story was solid. This film is nothing remarkable but it'snot a dumpster fire on the level of say "Batman & Robin". Much like any teen film that captures the zeitgeist it's cool to rag on it. And whilst it's not brilliant, it's not the death of cinema. It's harmless fluff that's made for a mostly teen audience, stop popping on other peoples party!

"New Moon" - The least enjoyable of the series because next to nothing happens, at-least nothing of consequence. It felt like it was floundering, spinning it's wheels until the next book/movie. The CGI is improved and the acting is still pretty meh but the story is not even remotely engaging.

"Eclipse" - Definitely an improvement on "New Moon" and on about the same level as "Twilight". The story actually has drive and a goal it's aiming towards. Of all the films it's probably the best made and the characters feel like they're starting to get more depth than the surface level fluff of the previous films.

"Breaking Dawn part 1" - The first forty minutes were tiresome. The whole thing is spent on a wedding that could've been a ten, fifteen minute sequence. Despite the dull first half things pick up in the second half and they actually feel pertinent to the overarching story. Bella's pregnancy despite it feeling contrived worked really well and was somewhat engaging. And her turning into a vampire was the best thing to happen to the series. Kristen Stewart is a very stoic actor and the change in her role really suited her. Plus those red eyes.........

"Breaking Dawn part 2" - This was a solid end to the series. From a technical perspective it was a well crafted. The characters felt more organic then they ever have. The world building and subsequent climax actually had some emotional weight to it, despite the backtrack. Overall, it was a decent conclusion to a series clearly not aimed at my taste or personality but I can still respect it for what it is. Heck, I preferred this concluding entry more than "Harry Potter and the Deathly Dull Hallows".

In conclusion I thought the series was fine. It's harmless fun made for an audience that's not myself. However, it was a heck of a lot better than "Fifty Shades of Grey" which did deserve the ridicule it got, especially the sequels.

On a side note I think we can all agree that Alice is the best character in the whole franchise!

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