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Comics person, freelance classicist, Christmas enthusiast

Favorite films

  • Fargo
  • Ed Wood
  • The Wicker Man
  • The Bride of Frankenstein

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  • It's a Wonderful Knife


  • Living with Chucky


  • No Hard Feelings

  • The Night Before


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  • Pig



    I recognize that the premise of this movie makes it seem like a John Wick or a Mandy except with a pig instead of a human woman named Mandy. That’s definitely not the case, though I suppose you could argue it builds a Wick-esque universe except with chefs instead of assassins. This is not a murder-fueled revenge fest; it’s not an action thriller at all. Instead, it’s a subdued meditation on death and acceptance, and a brutal indictment on modern haute cuisine

    This is, hands down, no irony, the best movie I’ve seen so far this year

  • RRR



    I knew going in that this movie is three hours long, so I put it on at midnight assuming I would stop it midway through and watch the rest later. What a fool I. I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried. I was thrusting my fists in the air all the way until 3am and the film’s rising climax.

    This movie is one of the most amazing artifacts ever set to film. It’s an epic action fantasy, but it’s…