Enemy ★★★★★

it feels like no matter how many times I watch this movie, there’s always one question or the other left unanswered — this is now my fourth viewing, and each time, my theory as to what the movie really means changes, but it always seems to not make sense in my head.

Dennis Villeneuve did a wonderful job in crafting this mind-twisting, cerebral thriller about the subconscious. or is it about commitment? maybe it’s about split personality disorder... or could it represent the cycle of history? likely it’s about giant spiders, right?

I feel genuinely intrigued, yet afraid of this movie; and its ability to have me continually think about it for days after is why it’ll forever be one of my absolute favorite flicks.

I may not have a definite meaning for this movie, but one thing’s for sure: you are your greatest enemy, and there’s no escaping yourself!

***if someone has a theory of this movie that makes any sense at all, I’m open to hearing it, because I need to make sense of this film!***

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