Us ★★★★½

“and to think, if it weren’t for you, i never would’ve danced at all.”

when the trailer for this movie came out, my excitement could not be contained. I forced everyone I know to watch it. I memorized the entire thing by heart. I’ve read rave reviews (as well as the not-so warm reviews), and I was ready to see this masterpiece.

it’s been two hours since it ended, and nothing could’ve prepared me for the psychotic mess this movie is. I’ve been unable to keep my mouth closed, and my hands are literally shaking. am I being too dramatic? 

no, because Jordan Peele has made a masterpiece that has transcended the limits of what horror is, and what it should be. it’s pointless comparing this film to Get Out, because they’re literally on two ends of the genre spectrum. Us may feature black leads, but it’s no commentary on racism, nor is it a satire of society. this is a pure, unequivocal, spine-chilling horror film. it is filled with jump scares, unrealistic coincidences, and cheesy what’s-behind-the-door sequences. but Peele is masterful in the way he uses these tropes, presenting them in a fresh way that I’ve just never seen before.

at first, the film feels very slow. it feels like nothing is going to happen. it’s funny — maybe too funny. but when it picks up, it goes all the way there, until the very last scene, leaving you no room to breathe, nowhere to turn, nowhere to look. the score is breathtaking. it has this chocking effect that is hard to describe. Michael Abels’ work here is even more eerie than his score for Get Out.

and don’t get me started on Lupita. you can play Toni Collette’s Hereditary dinner table scene on loop forever and cry over her snub, but Lupita is on another level in this, especially when playing the doppelgänger. Evan Alex is also surprisingly good, and Shahadi Wright Joseph takes it even further. oh, and Elisabeth Moss? yes.

see, your regular horror film is filled with demons, dolls, and an abandoned house. but it’s also filled with white people. and although Us probably foreshadows a lot of things, it feels really nice to see black people front and centre in a horror film that is not about race. it’s nice to see black people open the door you know they shouldn’t. it’s nice to see black people scream. catch this in theatres, right now. don’t wait another second. but, be careful — Us may not make you scream nor pee your pants. but I promise you, it’ll leave you restless, with a pounding in your chest.

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