Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★½

Halloween Kills is an aptly titled movie. It's one of the most brutal mainstream horror movies I've seen in a long time - and I choose that word carefully. It's an effective movie... it's one that gets you (and your whole audience)... involved. Let's just say that.

I went to see Halloween (2018) the last time for two nights in a row in order to give myself a second chance with it - to see if it just didn't click with me the first night or whatever. But I'll go see this one a second time tomorrow because it's a pretty darn good horror movie, and it PLAYS. Because like, for real, the sheer brutality here is almost uncomfortably palpable. It's a few notches above anything RZ did in that regard (or at least more constant). HOWEVER, like I defended Zombie's movies, I'll say the same thing for this one - it is not just brutal for the sake of being shocking or whatever, but it works as being "scary." The energy this movie has in it's legit feeling of "I have NO IDEA where this is going or what's going to happen" is effectively scary.

You really get invested in the craziness and in the characters, and in a plot that is propelled forward at speeds unseen. It announces right up front that it's playing by these rules - the same way most other Halloween movies have (in their respective time). You kind of find yourself yelling at the screen like Jim Ross yelled at the Undertaker that time to stop throwing Mankind off the top of the cage or into those thumbtacks. It has several memorable scenes. It has memorable characters. Again... involved!

Quick EDIT:
I don't agree that this isn't an actual film and just one of those "middle parts" to something larger. In fact, this movie COULD work totally on its own without ever making the first one. AND I would argue that it's an even better "part 1" than its predecessor in 2018. Cut to 40 years later, we understand Laurie Strode is haunted and affected by the events of 1978, and she's in the hospital. Start new movie. Michael's busting out of the blazing house and taking out the firefighters is just a sub out for doing the same thing at the hospital, the ambulance(s), etc. etc. - just change the location.

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