Hearts Beat Loud

Hearts Beat Loud ★★★★

I honestly almost forgot what heartfelt Indies felt like, and then I watched this.

For a while, the soulless clichés and twee of independent films turned me off of them for a minute. That is exactly why I didn't go see this when it came out despite it starring some of my favorite people. I loved Sasha Lane in "American Honey" and Kiersey Clemens in "Dope" (which were two indie films that for sure didn't fall into that aforementioned bad category). Offerman is always comforting and Collette is always good in whatever she's in.

So a couple years later (now) I'm sitting here on the verge of tears as these songs are belted out beautifully. I'm smiling genuinely as the relationships are presented thoughtfully. The whole vibe is just right.

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